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Can Am Kick Start Shaft for Rotax Engines - NEW!



3 styles available, check the pictures for the details and part number.

CAN-KSS-0001-LONG  136 mm long with spring style #24 on diagram, will fit 370, 400, 406, Can Am, ASE, ATK, SWM and other models.
CAN-KSS-0002-OI 130 mm long, will fit oil injected engines with original style return spring. (see picture)
CAN-KSS-0003-PM 130 mm long, will fit 125, 175, 250, will fit some 200 and 280 models (check length) premix engines with new style return spring (#24 on diagram). (see picture)

NOTE: As seen in the photos, there are dark lines (can be felt with finger) where the idler (gear) spins, which should not impede or affect the life of the bushings, as stated by our manufacturing. The gear spins smoothly on shaft. These may be beneficial to hold oil.

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