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We have dedicated this page to highlight our Customers' Project Bikes. Whether you did a restoration, or made a modern bike more retro, applied customized decals to update the bike, or built a monster bike, we would like to showcase your pictures and ideas.

Please email your pictures and the following to, by doing so you are giving us permission to post the following on our website;

  • First Name
  • Province/State/Country
  • Pictures (before/after or end product)
  • Bike year, make and model
  • Short description of bike project or modifications
Customers' Project Bikes - click on the pictures to enlarge


John from St. Andrews, Manitoba restored this 1985 Suzuki RM500 a couple of years back.






Steve from Alberta restored this 1986 Honda CR250.







Jamie from Massachusetts applied the seat cover to his 1989 Kawasaki KX250.





Andrew from Alberta, used our seat cover and air filter on this 1974 CZ 400 project.




Tony from Alberta restored this 1989 Yamaha YZ250 as a Chesterfield Replica.




Tony from Alberta restored this 1975 OSSA Phantom 250 this winter.







Dan, from Ontario applied the 1977 Qualifier 250 decals and used a brand new piston to his Can Am.




John from Arizona used the Vintage Roost seat cover to finish up this 1979 YZ400 resto!






Tom, from Alberta, used several parts from Vintage Roost to restore this 1975 Can Am TNT 250.





Don from Florida applied our decals and seat cover to this 1974 OSSA Phantom.




Shawn Riley from Arlington, WA restored this 1975 Can Am MX1 250 using our decals.





Matt from Ontario used several Vintage Roost parts (engine bearing kit, decals, foot peg springs, fork seals, wipers and cables, and will soon apply the Ohlins repair kit on the shocks) on this 1980 Can Am MX6 125 and races the Sasquatch Vintage Series.




Steve, from New Hampshire, USA applied our decals to his 1981 Yamaha YZ125.




Tom from New York added the decal set to his 1969 CZ 250 Side Pipe.








Keith S., from Calgary, applied our seat cover and tank deals on this 1980 Suzuki RM400 restoration, which debut at the VMX Alberta Event on August 14, 2016.








Dom S. from Keystone Cycles in Pennsylvania restored this 1977 Suzuki RM125 to a Genuine Moto X Team Bike. It's fully restored and features very cool trick parts from back in the day, such as Simons forks, Thor swing arm, Perfect fox shocks, ported cylinder, high output ignition, TI hardware, etc...











Barb, from Alberta salvaged this 1974 Suzuki TM250 from snowmobile heaven and restored it as her race bike for VMX Alberta club.




Glen from Alberta has his 1975 Can Am MX2 125 ready to race this weekend.












Glen from Alberta has his Curnutt stocks for his Can Am MX3 rebuilt by Scott Tremblay.


Scott, based out of California,  rebuilds Curnutt Shocks and is great to deal with, give him a call at 760-367-3575.









Curtis, from Alberta used the 1985 Suzuki RM500 Decal Kit and seat cover on his bike.










Randal from Wisconsin restored this 1978 Honda XR75.












Lyell from Brier Washington built this 1981 490 Maico from a few box of parts, litterally, that's what they call a basket case.









Randy, from Ontario wanted to share a couple of photos of his Sasquatch series winning bikes. He used the foot peg springs and Air Filter, on his Can Am, which won the expert class in Cross Country at Unadilla MX Rewind this year.

Rob from Alberta received his newly restored 1977 Suzuki RM125 at the VMX Alberta Banquet on November 7, 2015. Several VMX members took the time to put his bike back together, and at the end,  applied the VR tank and custom number plate decals.






Bill from Washington used our tank decals and seat cover for his 1984 Husky WR250, which he restored then used with his team for 24 hours of Starvation Ridge Race. They were the first team to run a vintage/air cooled team at this race.

JT from Ohio used VR decals and seat cover for his newly restore 1983 Husky WR250.





Andrew from Ontario used our seat cover and decals for his 1988 Honda CR250.







Dean, from Sylvan Lake applied our decals to his 1977 Can Am TNT 175, is has 1050 original miles and is now fully restored.










Andrew, from Ontario, used the Vintage Roost Prolink decals on his Honda.







Steve from South Carolina applied our decals to his 1980 Yamaha YZ250 and to his Honda.







Chad from Alberta applied the 1987 Kawasaki KX250 rad decals to his bike and the restoration is almost complete. He will be using this bike on the AOTMX circuit next year.







Scott, from Ontario, applied a VR seat cover to his 1980 Honda CR250.







David from Iowa used Vintage Roost's tank decal to restore his father's 1979 Suzuki RM400 for his surprise birthday.







Rob from Australia added the Vintage Roost's Moto -X Fox decals to his 1979 Honda CR250. The bike is fitted with a plastic clark tank so he added the perforated holes himself, this bike is one of three of this model he has and is sitting at round one of the Victorian classic motocross in Australia.






Brace from Wisconsin states his 1988 Honda CR 250 R was saved from the scrap pile with the help of Vintage Roost!













John from Indian Springs, Alabama applied the Pro-Link swing arm decals on his Honda bike.










Connor, from Ontario, applied the 1980's Honda Supercross Decals to his 1989 Honda CR250, giving the bike a vintage feel.










Levi from Pennsylvania applied 1985 Honda CR125 Rad decals to his 2001 Honda CR125 to give it a retro look.







Glen, from Alberta, restored the tank of a 1975 Can Am MX2, using our tank decal sheets.














Bob, from Pennsylvania purchased decals and seat cover from us and states;

"Thanks to Vintage Roost for the sweet seat cover to complete my restoration of this 1978 Yamaha YZ125! Great products, thanks again!" 





Dan from Oregon used our rad decals and seat cover to restore his 1989 Kawasaki KX 500.










Craig, from Alberta, has used our decals for his restoration of his 1979 Suzuki RM250.




















Connor, from Ontario, ordered a set of 3 custom number plates for his 1977 Honda MR175 with his number 5.














Phil, from Australia, used the perforated tank decal and ovals on his TNT.















Steve, from South Carolina, just finished the restoration for the 1986 YZ250 using our Universal Euro tank decal sheets and is ready to race in Post Vintage MX in 2015!











Randy from Wisconsin ordered custom number plates and decals from Vintage Roost to complete the look of his 1980 Suzuki RM400.
















Paul from California used our decals to complete the restoration of this 1988 Honda CR250.















Paul from California went for a vintage look for his 2007 Yamaha YZ450F by purchasing a custom seat cover from VR.















Brad from Edmonton is very proud of his restored Can Am MX6 250B.





Mark from Alberta restored this 1980 Yamaha YZ125G using our decals and seat cover. He obtained the bike from Recycle Motorcycles and they helped him find the parts.

Kane from California was torn between painting this beautiful Tony Holt hand made works aluminum tank and leaving it polished, Vintage Roost decals solved his dilemma for this 1974 Bultaco 360.















Glenn from Morinville, AB picked up seat covers for an 1986 Honda CR500 and a 1989 Honda CR125 in the morning and had installed later the same day, perfect fit.





Paul, from Bakersfield, CA used our decals and seat cover on his fully restored 1986 Honda CR250, great looking bike!
















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