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We obtained these instructions and tips from our supplier's website.


Fitting guide for Decals

Seat Cover Fitting

Thank you for purchasing an MXM replacement seat cover. We hope these instructions will help you achieve a perfect ‘Factory’ finish.

Staple Fit Covers

Things you’ll need:

1. A screwdriver to prise up old staples.

2. A staple gun – preferably electric or air operated.

3. A sharp knife to trim away excess vinyl.
Fitting The Cover

Most vintage or twin shock seats are very straight forward to fit compared to their modern counterparts.
Start by anchoring the corners of the cover, making sure any print on the sides or rear is square or central to the base.
Next pull the cover taut and put a staple centrally on either side and front and rear of the seat, make sure the cover is sitting properly and finish off all round pulling the vinyl as you go.
Aim to have a staple every inch or so otherwise the vinyl could sag with use.
Glue Fix Covers
Things you’ll need:

1. A good quality impact/contact adhesive.

2. A serrated spreader.

3. A small petrol/solvent rag to wipe away glue “mess”.

4. A sharp craft knife to trim off.

5. Coarse sandpaper to roughen the fibre glass or metal base prior to gluing.
Fitting The Cover

Pull the cover over the foam and base to check how far under the base the vinyl will have to be pulled to achieve the correct tension.
Make a mental note of how far into the vinyl the glue will have to be spread to correspond with the glued area on the base.
Next coat the perimeter of the base and cover and allow to dry for around 10 to 15 minutes.
Now the tricky bit! Contact adhesives don’t give a second chance, so make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. Start by fixing the sides first.
It’s useful to have someone help by holding surfaces apart that aren’t to be immediately pressed together.
Leave to harden for 24 hours before riding.
Helpful Hints
A. Never fit a new cover over the original. Always remove the old cover and all the old staples, glue etc.

B. If the foam is wet, squeeze out the excess and allow to dry thoroughly.

C. Damaged foam must be repaired or replaced. You are wasting time and money trying to a fit a new cover over damaged foam. 

D. Never use staples longer than 6mm. (1/4 inch). Longer staples will project through the base and destroy both foam and cover very quickly.

E. Always choose a smooth clean surface to work on. Taut vinyl pulled around a seat base is vulnerable to puncturing.

F.  Never try fitting a new cover in a cold atmosphere. The vinyl is affected by temperature and becomes more flexible the warmer the room.

Application Fluid available please contact us.

Designed to make fitting your decals easy!
MXM Application fluid is designed to make fitting your graphics easy.
Spraying the back of the decal (sticky side) with this fluid will neutralize the glue while you apply the decal.
If you happen to make a small mistake when fitting the decal the glue will not be as aggressive as usual and you are able to peel the decal back without any damage.
Once aligned start at the centre of the decal smoothing outwards to the edge.
Leave for at least 24 hours for adhesive to take full bond to the plastic.

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