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Fork Oil Seals and Dust Seals Combo Kits



We provide Fork Oil Seals and Fork Seal Savers, which can extend the life of the seals up to 5 times!

All of the Fork Seals & Dust Seals are made from the very best 'Low Stiction' material and where applicable are tripple lipped and double sprung. The seals have been developed specifically for motorcycles and will out perform most seals on the market including OEM.

All of the seal kits come complete with a tube of Red Rubber Grease, when used correctly this grease will greatly increase the life of your seals (up to 3x OEM in our trials).

Note: The Red Rubber Grease is specifically designed to 'Grab' dust and dirt that passes via your dust seals/boot and keep it there avoiding it getting through to the fork oil seals. We recommend that the grease is spread evenly on the underside of your fork dust seals/boots (not on the oil seals) as you don't want the dirt kept around the oil seals as this will ruin them quicker.

Kit Includes: Fork Oil Seals (x2), Fork Dust Seals (x2) & Fitment Grease

F&D-034-080 31x43x12.5 31x43
F&D-022-065 34x46x10.5 34x46
F&D-047-066 35x47x7/10 35x47
F&D-020-067 36x48x8/9.5 BR2267E
F&D-020-085 (INTERNAL)* 36x48x8/9.5 36x48.7x5
F&D-013-066 35x48x11 BR2720E
F&D-046-067 36x48x10.5/11 BR2267E
F&D-046-085 (INTERNAL)* 36x48x10.5/11 36x48.7x5
F&D-037-067 37x48x10.5/12 BR2267E
F&D-009-069 38x50x8/9.5 38x50.5x5 KYB
F&D-015-069 38x50x10.5 38x50.5x5 KYB
F&D-017-075 40x52x10/10.5 40x52
F&D-005-071 41x53x8/10.5 BR4935E
F&D-005-087 (INTERNAL)* 41x53x8/10.5 41x53.7x5 KYB
F&D-004-086 41.7x55x10/10.5 BR3420E
F&D-002-073 43x55x10.5/12 BR3959E
F&D-002-084 (INTERNAL)* 43x55x10.5/12 43X55X5
F&D-003-060 43x54x11 BR3868E


* Internal fitting dust seals are dust seals that are pushed into the top of the fork leg and are held in with a circlip on top. 

The following chart can be used as a guideline.

Considering the age of these dirt bikes, modifications may have occurred over the years, so the best way to determine the seals you need it to measure it or if you are 100% sure the forks are original to the bike,  refer to the bike manual. 

Vintage European
Including: AJS, BOGE, Bultaco, Cerani, CZ, KTM with Betor forks, Montessa, OSSA, Penton, Puch, Rokon, Telesco

35mm tubes


















KTM, Penton



Ceriani/Marzocchi 35 mm



GS/MC Models 125/175/250/400

Through 1975-76 - some forks require 2 seal rings in each tube








Can-Am 38mm tubes 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Can-Am 41.7mm tubes 41.7x55x10/10.5 F&D-004-086
Honda CR125 1974-75 31x43x12.5 F&D-034-080
Honda CR125 1976-78 35x48x11 F&D-013-066
Honda CR125 1979-80 37x48x10.5/12 F&D-037-067
Honda CR125 1981-82 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Honda CR125 1983-89 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Honda CR250 1973-76 35x48x11 F&D-013-066
Honda CR250 1978-80 37x48x10.5/12 F&D-037-067
Honda CR250 1981 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-071
Honda CR250 1981 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-087 (Internal)
Honda CR250 1982 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Honda CR250 1982 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Honda CR250 1983-88 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Honda CR450 1981 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-071
Honda CR450 1981 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-087 (Internal)
Honda CR480 1982 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Honda CR480 1982 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Honda CR480 1983 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Honda CR500 1984-88 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Husqvarna 35mm tubes 1975-81 35x47x9.5/10.5 F&D-047-066
Husqvarna 40mm tubes 1981-84 40x52x10/10.5 F&D-017-075
Kawasaki KX125 1974-76 31x43x12.5 F&D-034-080
Kawasaki KX125 1978-79 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-067
Kawasaki KX125 1978-79 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-085 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX125 1980-81 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Kawasaki KX125 1982 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-071
Kawasaki KX125 1982 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-087 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX125 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Kawasaki KX125 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX250 1974-78 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-067
Kawasaki KX250 1974-78 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-085 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX250 1979-81 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Kawasaki KX250 1982 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-071
Kawasaki KX250 1982 41x53x8/10.5 F&D-005-087 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX250 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Kawasaki KX250 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX400 1975-76 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-067
Kawasaki KX400 1975-76 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-085 (Internal)
Kawasaki KX420 1980-81 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Kawasaki KX450 1974 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Kawasaki KX500 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Kawasaki KX500 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Suzuki TM250 1972-73 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Suzuki TM250 1974-75 35x48x11 F&D-013-066
Suzuki TM400 1971-72 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Suzuki TM400 1973-75 35x48x11 F&D-013-066
Suzuki RM125 1975-76 35x48x11 F&D-013-066
Suzuki RM125 1977-78 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-067
Suzuki RM125 1977-78 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-085 (Internal)
Suzuki RM125 1979-83 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Suzuki RM125 1984-86 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Suzuki RM125 1984-86 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Suzuki RM250 1976-78 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-067
Suzuki RM250 1976-78 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-085 (Internal)
Suzuki RM250 1979-82 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Suzuki RM250 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Suzuki RM250 1983-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Suzuki RM370 1976-77 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-067
Suzuki RM370 1976-77 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-085 (Internal)
Suzuki RM400 1978 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-067
Suzuki RM400 1978 36x48x8/9.5 F&D-020-085 (Internal)
Suzuki RM400 1979-80 38x50x10.5 F&D-015-069
Suzuki RM465 1981-82 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Suzuki RM465 1981-82 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Suzuki RM500 1983-84 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Suzuki RM500 1983-84 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Yamaha MX125 1976 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha MX250 1973-75 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha MX360 1972-74 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha MX400 1976 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha MX500 1973-74 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha YZ125 1976 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha YZ125 1977-80 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-067
Yamaha YZ125 1977-80 36x48x10.5/11 F&D-046-085 (Internal
Yamaha YZ125 1981-83 38x50x8/9.5 F&D-009-069
Yamaha YZ125 1984-85 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Yamaha YZ250 1974-76 43x54x11 F&D-003-060
Yamaha YZ250 1977-80 38x50x8/9.5 F&D-009-069
Yamaha YZ250 1981-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Yamaha YZ250 1981-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Yamaha YZ360 1974-75 34x46x10.5 F&D-022-065
Yamaha YZ400 1977-79 38x50x8/9.5 F&D-009-069
Yamaha YZ465 1980 38x50x8/9.5 F&D-009-069
Yamaha YZ465 1981 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Yamaha YZ465 1981 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)
Yamaha YZ490 1982-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-073
Yamaha YZ490 1982-87 43x55x10.5/12 F&D-002-084 (Internal)

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