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Can Am, 1977 MX3, Decal Kit - with Non Perforated Tank and Tank Stripe Decals, Reproduction



Product #: CAN-DE-7700-MX3KIT-NONPERF

Tank decal fits factory and clark tanks, kit includes 1 MX3-250 front fender badge.

This kit has non perforated "Can Am" tank and tank stripe decals. If there is no fuel in the tank and you want to apply them on a show bike, you can get this decal kit. Perforated decals are required on plastic tanks with fuel and will adhere for a long time (perforated decals will not bubble). Buy this kit if you have fuel in the tank.


Decals are made to withstand the rigours of motocross racing. High performance adhesive – sealed in graphics that will never fade or wear off. 


The most important aspect of decal application is to make sure your tank is free of all grease, dirt, etc. Hot soapy water and isopropanol will do the trick. Once cleaned allow a minimum of five minutes before decal placement. Carefully align decals before removing the backing to familiarize yourself with placement then apply. Temperatures above 15 C work best. You can use a hair dryer to help shape the decal. Adhesive cures to its best bond strength after 24 hours – do not use bike until bond is cured.


Injection moulded plastic like original ones or UFO are great to work with. Please note that the vacuum formed plastics in the market may require additional prep work. Use a fine sand paper and sand the area where the decal will be applied. Then, clean the area with methylated spirits (such as isopropyl), wait 10 minutes, then use a hairdryer or heat gun to go over the sticker once it is stuck in place. 

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